Buyer’s Guide: SDHC vs SDXC Almost every gadget relies on a memory card these days- from smartphones, tablets, and laptops all through to cameras. The memory card is one of the widest used forms of external storage on the planet. SD stands for Secure Digital, and SD cards are used to store everything from files and pictures to videos, music ...

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Why Am I Always So Tired?

Being fatigued easily or often is a warning sign that something isn’t right within your body. There’s a number of potential causes so it’s best to go see your doctor and get some blood tests done but here are 7 common reasons why you’re always tired. 1. Depression Depression is more common than you might think. If you often feel ...

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The Ultimate Guide To Journaling For Success

journaling for success

I cannot even begin to explain how much journaling has improved my life. And I don’t mean writing in my diary every evening about what happened that day. I’m talking about a journal where I hold myself accountable by writing down by goals and creating an action plan to achieve them. This is serious self-improvement journaling and I encourage you ...

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37 Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness ideas

Leave a generous tip for an unsuspecting waiter. Pay for the person behind you at the coffee shop. Adopt a pet from the pound Let someone skip ahead of you in line at the grocery store. Invite your in-laws over for dinner. Offer to babysit  Send a handwritten thank you card. Send postcards to sick children Donate clothes you no ...

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7 Ways To Calm Yourself Down Fast

7 way to calm yourself down

1. Call A Friend One of the fastest ways to come yourself down is to pick up the phone and talk to someone you love and trust. It could be your best friend or your sister. The important thing is that they distract you. Ideally they would know how to calm you down but even just talking to them will ...

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